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Island of Brač and Postira

A town by the sea only 10 km from the ferry pier in Supetar. A locality surrounded by tame coves, olive groves, vineyards and pine forests. It has its own doctor’s surgery, bank, post office, church and school, restaurants and cafés. Postira has its own celebrations, festivals and good people. They will tell you the story of the Mediterranean as it once was.

Already in January it is abloom with almond blossoms. And when the insanity of the carnival season dies down, and the “maračke” bura (strong winds) purify the sea and air out the region, the vineyards and fig orchards begin to blossom, while the valleys and planes turn green.


In summer Postira exuberantly shows its hospitality. Many beaches and coves come alive, on the waterfront, small streets and squares with century’s old “kogulama” (stones), the songs of Nazor’s crickets mingle with the songs of some new inhabitants.


Postira is also beautiful in autumn. Left to itself, there is fun to be hand during the harvest of grapes, mandarins and olives.


A specific, old Brač settlement, about two kilometres south of Postira. The Dol houses are incorporated into the natural stone, while numerous caves in the settlement and surrounding area make Dol seem a little mysterious.



A quaint settlement by the sea in a cove surrounded by a pine forest. The houses with picturesque façades are a real monument to ambient construction.


Splitska is an idyllic settlement which lives in the atmosphere of a special kind of peacefulness and simple rhythm.



As the oldest settlement on Brač, situated on a hill not far from the sea, in between Nere žišća and Splitska, that is Postira, it exudes an atmosphere of centuries long passed.

Blaca desert


One of the most original island ethnological sites. It originated in the XVI century, upon the arrival of Poljica, Glagolitic monks in the area of this great Brač void, where under a steep cliff they constructed a colony.


The Blaca desert is formed as part of a complex of mutually connected houses: the desert residence, utility buildings, a chapel and school for children from the nearby shepherd settlements.


Today the desert is abandoned, however many witness accounts have remained of the all-encompassing life of the Blaca desert dwellers. It is definitely a cultural monument worth seeing.

Vidova gora


Highest point on Brač (778 metres) .


The southern side of Vidova Gora is quite steep, so that Bol and the entire coastal belt including Zlatni rat (Golden cape) can be seen as if it were on your palm. On the northern side of Vidova Gora there is an expanse of forested region towards the interior of the island.

Zmajeva špilja (Dragons Cave)


Not far from Murvice, it is a monument to the cave, monastic life of the Glagolitic monks. In it there is a great relief carved into the living stone, depicting the battle between good and evil, Light and Darkness, which was inspired by the apocalyptic visions from the Book of Revelations of St. John the Apostle. 


To reach this “wondrous monastery”, 300 metres above sea level and a few hundred metres under the highest point on Brač, you need to climb along a small path, and upon arrival delve into its serenity and mysteriousness, and then from this height, on the plateau in front of the Zmajeva špilja, look in wonder at the expanse and beauty of the vista unfolding before you.



From Postira to the 4 km away Lovrečina cove leads an old pedestrian path under the branches of thick pine trees on which you can enjoy clear sea vistas.


The Lovrečina cove can also be reached by sea.

Picturesque ruins of the large early Christian single-naved basilica with a transversal nave and cross-shaped baptismal font, sandy beach with water springs, gastronomic enjoyment in ecological food make Lovrečina an attractive excursion destination.

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